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Artwork by Steven Trudeau

Artist Biography 

I am an Ojibwa Native (Anishinaabe) from a reserve called Wikwemikong which is located on Manitoulin Island (Ontario). Presently, I am living back home and working for The Wikwemikong Heritage Organization doing Short Animations that focus on language revitalization. All of my life I have been artistic and it truly is a natural talent. As a self-taught artist, I started off with simple sketches and later experimented with every medium that I could get my hands on during high school visual art courses. My inspiration to paint comes from my friend Adrian Trudeau and although he has passed on into the spirit world, I feel that his painting style lives on through my artwork. Additionally, one of my favorite artists is Salvador Dali, whom is a great influence in regards to my surrealistic artwork.  


Artist Statement


I make my art because I enjoy the reactions and feelings that people get when they view it. My daily interactions influence the majority of my art. When I witness storytelling, human emotions and nature itself I feel compelled to express the images that I envision.  To me, my artwork represents my spirituality, which is influenced by the beliefs of Anishinaabek. The Anishinaabek believe that every living creature and every object is a being with a soul. Also, that everything experiences transformations in cycles – nothing is linear. I normally express visions  on canvas’ using acrylic paint but have also painted on sheets of birch bark as well as various stones. Personally, the importance of my artwork is that it is a means to present my own style and ideas on spiritual elements, while merging it with the style of my friends who has passed onto the spirit world. 

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